ITRA Spotlight: Brightbox

20 Jul 2016 9:31 AM | Anonymous

This week the ITRA is pleased to showcase Brightbox Inc in its company spotlight!

Brightbox Inc is a New York City based end-to-end technology and consumer services company that provides secure, fully connected mobile phone charging stations that we place and operate in venues of all types — hospitality, healthcare, entertainment, retail, events and more.  Brightbox provides a best-in-class secure mobile charging station that is designed to attract, engage, and retain valued customers.  Making sure people and businesses can stay on the go and fully charged is a key to Brightbox’s success.   Brightbox is hands down the most secure Interactive Digital Signage and ReCharging amenity available on the market today to event rental operators.

Brightbox Inc provides their services and products to both AV companies and Event Rental companies.  They are also keen on expanding their market so they can reach more events each year as these events tend to crossover allowing for opportunities to expand client bases.  Several ITRA members are Brightbox event partners including InCharged and Vernon Technologies.  Brightbox is looking for additional partners so please if you are in the event or are in the experiential field contact us today.  Their offices are located in New York City, Denver, Miami, and Orlando allowing them to work with customers across the United States, Canada, and Mexico.  Additionally, Brightbox is looking for importers and operators around the world where because of the global appeal because of the business they have from South Africa to the UK.

Brightbox is currently expanding their new offerings as to the features on the Brightbox M3. The models include USB-C charging, a remote secure digital signage platform, and several use modalities for events including RFID, mag swipe branded cards (loyalty cards, credit cards, select compatible room keys,) secure pin code for use ( a telephone number plus a code ) to secure and retrieve a mobile device.

Article written by Nathan Kallen of Kallen Media LLC. You can reach Kallen Media LLC for social media management services.

To reach Brightbox Inc you can go through the ITRA representative: Joel Martin

Phone Number: 646-647-5512

Company Website:

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