22 Jun 2016 11:51 AM | Nathan Kallen

Internet connectivity is one of the primary business tools oriented with technology rentals.  When you do not have access to an existing wireless network you need to use a cellular network.  Here are some considerations when it comes to cellular connectivity.

Network - This is the carrier that you will get your cellular data from.  A key to finding the carrier is looking at their coverage areas.  For example, if you have a meeting in Lincoln, Nebraska will the carrier you choose be able to to provide adamant coverage.

Contract v no contract - Data companies will often offers plans where you buy the cellular devices directly from them.  This is an example of a contract plan where you pay less upfront for a device, and in turn, you are locked into a 2 year contract with the company.  This allows for a cheaper device and data, however it also means that even if you may not be using all the data for the plan you are still charged as if you have.  Alternatively, you can use no contract where you buy the device for full price and then buy the data plan separately.  This makes both the device and data more expensive, but you are only charged for the data you use and are not locked into any contract.

Quantities of connection - With any type of show there is variance of size, thus differing options.  For small events with a few devices the best option will typically having a cellular plan for each device especially if they are spread out.  In the case of many devices in a mid size area your best option will be a cellular hotspot.  This is when you use a company’s network and send it out through a hotspot to multiple devices.  In the case of an extremely large event you will want to use a cellular array, this is when hundreds to thousands of devices will need to have connectivity.

Data Management - This is a dashboard feature that allows you to see how much data is being used on each device.  In cases of users abusing data, this can be used to shut off data usage for specific data making sure that there is no excessive usage from any devices.

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