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01 Jun 2016 1:07 PM | Nathan Kallen

A key factor to any successful company in today’s world is coming up in the top search results for their given field.  This may be anything from common phrases like “Scanner rentals” to “Technology Rental Companies”.  If your company comes up in these searches anything after the first few pages, odds are possible customers will never even see you as a possibility simply due to there being so many companies coming before yours.

The first major way to get your company at the start of search engines is by using Google AdWords.  This is a service provided directly by Google that allows you to pay for your company to come up first based on keywords, per click.  Each month you are able to set up a budget for how much you are willing to pay during the duration of the month.  Once you hit your limit, your ad will no longer be up because you are no longer paying.  The only time you are charged is when someone actually clicks on the link to your website meaning that these are generally leads that will result in a profit.  This is key if your website may not be on the very first page in the keywords that may relate directly to your company.

In order for your company to become the top search result for varying searches you need to optimize your website.  Website optimization has a variety of aspects starting with activity and new content.  Your website must be active in order for it to be boosted to the top.  This can consist of activities such as writing blog posts, updating pages, or adding new content to your site entirely.  It is not enough to simply have a website with information if you are striving to be in the top of your given technology market.

Finally, your website needs to be able to be usable on mobile devices.  Many websites will open and work fine on any given computer, but when tried on mobile devices they experience problems and can sometimes be unusable.  These mobile devices are now used to search the web nearly as much as computers are.  This means that there is a high probability that your possible clients may even be seeing your mobile site as a first impression.  Google has made it so that your site simply will not be in the top search results if there are noticeable problems, thus not even giving possible future clients the chance to know about your company.

It is no longer enough to simply get by off referrals or marketing events.  If a referral is not able to find your site or navigate it once they are there, that is a huge blow especially since they are looking for a company dealing with technology.  In order for you to maximize your sales, and allow yourself for the most opportunities at deal, you need to first optimize your company for search engines.

Written by: Nathan Kallen of Kallen Media LLC

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