Windows 10

27 May 2016 4:03 PM | Nathan Kallen

Microsoft has put out their latest operating system called Windows 10.  Companies and clients have, for the greater majority, skipped windows 8 due to user preferences and ease of use.  This means that most computers and devices using Windows stayed with 7.  Following will be a few reasons why it may be time to embrace the new Windows 10.

The primary difference between Windows 8 and 10 is the user accessibility.  Microsoft completely changed their user interface on Windows 8 which left many users struggling to understand how to use the Operating System to its fullest extent.  With Windows 10, the core structure is much more similar to 7 with new and more accessible app screens surpassing what Windows 8 strived to do.

Applications:  It is clear that for Windows 10 Microsoft has a much larger focus on applications and developers.  This is the first time that Microsoft is beginning to try and create a platform for universal apps that can be used across different operating systems like Android and Linux.  The universal apps on Windows 10 will allow the user to run the exact same app on any device from a laptop to a Windows 10 phone.

During the first year that Windows 10 is released the company is offering a promotion where if you have Windows 7 or above (and your system meets the core requirements) you can upgrade to Windows 10 for free.  Additionally, there are multiple versions of Windows 10 to fit various devices such as the Raspberry Pi and various mobile enterprises.

Overall: Windows is essentially a newer 7 with many new features that are easy to use while also being free if you are able to upgrade.  In the near future, it would not be surprising for many clients looking to rent computers with Windows 10.

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