Ghosting and Mass Updating

18 Apr 2016 3:50 PM | Nathan Kallen

By Nathan Kallen

Nearly every few months Apple comes out with a new operating system update.  If a company were to have update by hand, it would take an unreasonable amount of time without the Apple Configurator.  Similarly, to have to put a load on every computer or laptop would not be possible without something called ghosting.

Apple configurator is a software, that along with a port able to connect multiple Apple devices, can update multiple devices with a few clicks on a computer.  The software is meant to allow companies to mass update their apple devices without having to do them one by one.  Additionally, the configurator can allow for custom loads on Apple devices including apps, accounts, permissions, and formats of how the screens and apps are presented.  This is a must have for any company carrying large amounts of Apple devices for both loads for customers and updating devices every few months.

An example of this would be if you need to update ipads to 9.2 while also downloading a credit score and stopwatch application.  To do this you would simply set the configurator to update to 9.2, program the applications into the configurator, then selecting the applications before starting the updating process.  The finished product will be a fully updated ipad with the required applications in any form of home screen the customer desires.or laptops and desktops that are not apple products, the way in which you upload loads is entirely different.  What first needs to happen is your company needs to setup a server on your network.  From here, you are able to upload images that your customer will send you on a seed unit that has everything the customer needs for their load.  Once you upload this to your server, you are able to access it by simply changing the startup and going into the server in essence.  Once you arrive at this point you can simply choose which load you want for the computer and as soon as the ghosting process finishes, you can start the computer normally and it will open with everything that the customer needed from the seed unit.

A way that this can be used is if you receive an order for 100 laptops that need to have Windows 7, Microsoft Office 2010, and a company specific application.  You will need the customer to send you a seed unit that has the exact load they need to have on the 100 laptop order.  Once you upload the load to your server you simply open each computer to the alternate startup screen and choose the load.  Once the ghosting has finished you’ll have the computer with all required applications.  The only extra step you may need to take is activating certain applications such as Microsoft Office.

Both of these types of mass loading and updating are key for any company that has a large inventory of both computers or Apple devices.  Apple configurator can still become tedious with their port stations having a limited amount of ports to connect your devices too.  Oppositely, since with ghosting everything in on your own server you can have many more computers going off the server downloading the load at any given time limited by manpower and the strength of your server.

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