11 Mar 2016 8:24 AM | Dan Kallen

With the influx of new 4K monitors hitting the market it is time to ask yourself if it is worth it to upgrade your displays from 1080p to 4K technology.  The biggest difference is that the 4K monitors have 4 times better picture resolution and quality.  The visual experience is actually profoundly different.  However, there are several factors that may influence your decision on whether now is the time to start upgrading.

  • 1.       Pricing.  One of the single most significant factors on switching over to 4K display technology is simply the price.  4K monitors can typically run double the amount that you would pay for the same size monitor with 1080p resolution.  While prices of both types of monitors are continuously falling, the payoff for getting a 4K and renting it out on a consistent basis are probably going to be a challenge.
  • 2.       Content.  A key factor in your decision to purchase a 4K monitor is the content that you will actually be able to display.  In order to maximize the resolution of the display, you must have content that has been developed specifically for 4K resolution.  Most internet content is not currently maximized for 4K display.  On top of that, you will also need a computer or other device capable of outputting the video at 4K.  This alone could drive up your costs.
  • 3.       Consumer vs. Professional.  There are currently two different kinds of 4K monitors that are marketed for different audiences.  While both are equipped with the 4K resolution output, the difference in the amounts of usable ports and connectivity options can vary greatly.  The consumer model is obviously an option for lower end event and trade show rentals.  This solution is a viable option for smaller AV and computer rental companies who do not typically service high demand customers.  Professional grade 4K displays offer more robust internal electronics, more integrated ports and connectivity (HDMI 2.0 to Mini DisplayPort) and are typically more rugged.  They also come with a higher price tag.

Overall, when considering an upgrade to your display inventory there are many considerations.  Several ITRA members already have 4K monitors in their inventory.  If you do not currently own any 4K monitors I suggest that you go to the ITRA Member Directory and call a trusted ITRA member company to help you find the right display for your 4K monitor rental needs.

Nathan Kallen

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