How Valuable is Your Equipment?

23 Feb 2016 6:57 PM | Anonymous

By Nathan Kallen

We all know that the cost of your equipment isn’t the only expense you have to worry about. There are many other factors to consider when renting your equipment out. Will it work when it gets to the venue should not be one of those factors. Ever lose a power cord? Need an extra battery? How about opening up a laptop and noticed that the display is now cracked?

If any of these scenarios sound familiar to you maybe it is time to look at what you’re storing and shipping your equipment in. One of the most overlooked expenses in rentals is the case that the equipment is stored and shipped in. Over the years, we have seen expensive electronic equipment shipped in every way imaginable. From sticking it on a pallet and wrapping it with shrink wrap to cardboard boxes and Styrofoam peanuts. Why do we see these examples? Because our customers are tired of making shipping claims for damaged products and can’t afford to keep replacing brand new equipment because it arrived at its final destination in more pieces than it should.

To get some suggestions on the value of protecting your gear with cases, we contacted new ITRA member Jay Griffin, from ECS Cases.  Here are some things to consider when deciding if a reusable, rugged, transit or rackmount case will fit your needs.

  • 1.     Do I need to protect the equipment I am shipping? If you’re shipping pamphlets the answer is no. If it’s electronics then the answer is most likely yes.
  • 2.     How valuable is my equipment? Consider a few things beyond the purchase price and cost of replacement. How much money are you spending every time you have to buy a new cardboard box? How much are you spending in wooden crates that get broken down and destroyed? Ruggedized, reusable containers can see Return on Investment rather quickly, especially when expensive equipment is damaged by poor packaging choices.
  • 3.     How many times have you not been able to find accessory equipment because it didn’t get shipped with the component? With customizable cushioning you can have all your accessories together with the equipment and never have to worry about it not showing up at the same time, thus cutting down on expensive secondary shipments to cover forgotten items.
  • 4.     How much should I spend on a case? That question is harder to answer. You could buy a cheap case and plan on replacing it every 2 to 3 years or you can spend more on a case that is engineered and built to last for 20 years or more. The cost of the cheaper case should be factored in to question number two’s response.  With the more durable option, you can budget approximately 10-25% of the value of the equipment. (I.E. 20 Ipads valued at $500 each= $10,000. A case to house all of those should run $1000-$1500.)

In following up on the earlier blog post on Managing Your Shipment (1-6-16) 2e spoke to Brady Tinkham of Champion Logistics. Brady was very wise to point out that the key to keeping freight claims to a minimum and reducing theft is best done by using a case. He also pointed out that it will provide the most efficient way to transport your valuable equipment. For more information on how ECS CASE can help you pick the right case for your rental product portfolio please call Jay Griffin at 541-476-8871 or via email at:

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