The International Technology Rental Association is  dedicated to the safety, health and well-being of our members as well as mankind. The World is being challenged with a Pandemic of an enormous size. The World today resembles nothing we have ever seen. The battle, going forward for the Association and its members will be regaining our footing and positioning our companies within a landscape unfamiliar to all of us. Major events and meetings have been cancelled or postponed well into this coming summer season, with Infocomm 2020 following the trend, most recently.

Along with the Industry, much of our membership has been dealing with client cancellations and a devastating blow to the bottom line. However, a portion of our membership is offering relevant and timely services during the COVID-19 situation. Now could be the time to consider pivoting your business toward a more COVID-19 friendly sector of the Technology Industry.

Webinars, Streaming, Live Streaming, Video Conferencing, etc.

The International Technology Rental Association is here for your support. Additional support is available at the below links. The below links offer more information on the Pandemic, as well as links for financial aid.

Covid-19 Federal Aid Package for Events Industry

CARES Act on United States Congress Website

The Association is comprised of members around the globe so we welcome your suggestions for additional International links that may be helpful for all visitors to our website.

Thank you visiting our website and we cannot wait to see you on the other side of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic!


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Corbin Ball, Laurie Macomber, Viveka Von Rosen and Sue Zimmerman to name a few.

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